My Career

Hey! I'm Adam Knee and yeah... that is actually my last name. If I could describe myself, I would say I'm an HTML Architect, CSS Blacksmith, JavaScript Code Slinger, React Developer, and Svelte Admirer. I am currently a Senior Developer at iRobot, and was previously at places such as WESCO, DMI and DICK's Sporting Goods. Grab a copy of my resume below for a full list of skills and experience.

Currently based in Pittsburgh, I attended Pittsburgh Technical Institute (now known as Pittsburgh Technical College) and earned a degree in Multimedia Technologies with a concentration in Responsive web design and development. As it stands today, I have over 8+ years of experience and am proud to admit I am still learning and keeping up with the fast and ever changing industry! Feel free to grabb a copy of my Resume below.

The real me

Some of my favorite hobbies include weight lifting, playing with my German Shepherd doggo (her name is Nala), hanging out with friends, and last but certainly not least, hiking and biking! I also enjoy playing volleyball and if I had to choose... I'd say my favorite sports to watch are football and hockey. Sadly, it's not often that I get to play much volleyball these days though. Additionally, I enjoy listening to audiobooks when I get the time and if I had to recommend a book series to read (or listen to), it would be The KingKiller Chronicle. I'm also a huge fan of the book series Red Rising. You should definitely check both of those series out!

Unfortunately, there is much more to me than what I can fit on this page, so please feel free to get in touch with me to get to know me better. I look forward to hearing from you!