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Picture of iRobot's Roomba Combo™ j7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop


Operated as a Fullstack Engineer using Salesforce’s SFRA platform and as a Senior Frontend Developer on Saleforce’s Personalization platform. I've had my hands on nearly every portion of both codebases. I would say my most notable achievements would include the following: Wrote the codebase that is...

SolidJS Logo

SolidJS Modal

This was a project I created to kick off my YouTube career. It demonstrates how to develop an accessible Modal using SolidJS. Some other info about the project: Built in SolidJS which is very similar to React but fixes a lot of the pitfalls ReactJS has Showcases the different features that SolidJS...

Picture of a DICK'S Sporting Goods location.

DICK'S Sporting Goods

Operated in an associate and mid-level Frontend Developer role where I built many different features using JavaScript, jQuery, SCSS, CSS, HTML, and AngularJS (1.0). Some notable things I achieved: Was the homepage developer for DICK’S Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, and Golf Galaxy Built many 1-of...

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DICK’S Pro Tips

Operated the DICK’S Pro Tips WordPress blog. This was a website that customers could visit to get pro level tips related to sports. The tech stack was WordPress (php), JavaScript and CSS. Some notable features I implemented: Lazy loading of posts WordPress custom fields Search functionality SEO ...

WESCO's Original Logo

WESCO (1.0)

I classify WESCO into two parts, 1.0 and 2.0. I do this because I have worked there twice and both times I was part of re-platforming the code base. In this particular piece, I will talk about our first re-platform: Converted Hybris frontend which was made up of JSTL and JSP pages to React client-s...

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WESCO'S New Logo.

WESCO (2.0)

When I joined WESCO for the second time in a Senior Frontend Developer role, the company was very different. At the time, WESCO had just acquired another company called Anixter. Since we were merging two companies together, it was time to re-platform. Some notable things I worked on: Was part of a ...

Picture of furniture.

Furniture Row & Denver Mattress

Worked for an agency called DMI where I worked as a ReactJS Engineer building the e-commerce platform for Furniture Row and Denver Mattress. Some more info on what I worked on: The websites were built in NextJS I worked on numerous areas of the site but most notable I wrote the Ratings and Reviews...

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Gatsby Portfolio

The site you're on right now is one of my favorite projects! This site it's built in Gatsby JS and Sanity for content management. Some notable features: Site is generated using Gatsby Content including the Portfolio Pieces, the resume page, and the /uses page all sources through Sanity using the S...