WESCO (2.0)

Picture of an electrical unit.

About this project:

When I joined WESCO for the second time in a Senior Frontend Developer role, the company was very different. At the time, WESCO had just acquired another company called Anixter. Since we were merging two companies together, it was time to re-platform. Some notable things I worked on:

  • Was part of a team that WESCO called the SWAT Team and we were in charge of spear heading the new platform and figuring out how it worked
  • The new platform was built in Magento (backend) and AEM (content/frontend) and I worked in both of these (mostly AEM though)
  • Wrote the documentation and docker set up to make both of these speak to each other locally
  • Was a crucial decision maker on how APIs and data should be set up for the frontend to consume

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