Picture of iRobot's Roomba Combo™ j7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop

About this project:

Operated as a Fullstack Engineer using Salesforce’s SFRA platform and as a Senior Frontend Developer on Saleforce’s Personalization platform. I've had my hands on nearly every portion of both codebases. I would say my most notable achievements would include the following:

  • Wrote the codebase that is running on Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform from scratch using Vite and ESM
  • Introduced the ability to purchase and use (redeem and check balance) gift cards on the iRobot e-commerce platform
  • Was a crucial member in implementing self-service returns on the iRobot e-commerce platform
  • Introduced a flag on the iRobot e-commerce platform to give the iRobot team the ability to send all orders to Cybersource Fraud Detection
  • Introduced a system to allow our content editors to change the theme of certain aspects of the site on the fly using CSS Custom Properties
  • Implemented DataDog performance monitoring on the e-commerce platform

Where's the GitHub link?!