WESCO (1.0)

Example search results page from WESCO's eCommerce site.

About this project:

I classify WESCO into two parts, 1.0 and 2.0. I do this because I have worked there twice and both times I was part of re-platforming the code base. In this particular piece, I will talk about our first re-platform:

  • Converted Hybris frontend which was made up of JSTL and JSP pages to React client-side components
  • This involved rewriting the build process from scratch and taking a gulp build and converting it to a Webpack build to be able to handle the new components and frontend
  • Incrementally introduced the React frontend by introducing different mounting nodes in the JSP files
  • Set up tree shaking so that certain chunks of the website were shipped with only the JavaScript they needed
  • Revamped the Order History and Order Details pages
  • Rebuilt the Product Table component in React. This was a widely used component across the entire application

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