Which resume do you need?

Fun fact: These resumes are dynamically generated from content stored in a CMS. When I update my CMS with a new piece of resume data, it automatically regenerates the resumes!

Standard Resume

This is my standard resume, most people are going to want to reach for this one. This has all of the important information you need! I offer another resume that has a dedicated space for a company's branding. If you're not concerned with having your branding on my resume then you've come to the right place, this is the one you're going to want.

Partner Resume

This is my resume used when partnering with an agency, consultant, or recuirting firm. Most of the time, companies will take my resume and paste their logo onto it. That's fine, but unfortunately, there's not enough room for that and it tends to make the resume look sloppy. This version has a designated spot for your company's branding.